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How to prevent images with specific tags from being shown by default?

Good day from my neck of the universe.

What I would like is basically to blacklist certain tags so that any images/videos with one of those tags are no longer displayed, unless that tag is specifically selected or the blacklist overridden (e.g. by switching off or being a particular authorised user).

There are a number of situations that might be relavent here and examples may help explain what I am trying to achieve.

Example 1: Censorship - to stop inappropriate images from being shown - for example, nudity, violent or disturbing content;
Example 2: Less desireable content - to stop images from a particular place or event from being shown, or including particular people, objects or actions - for example, exclude all images with an ex-partner in the shot because it upsets the children;
Example 3: By request - someone asks that that their images/videos, or those with them in, are not to be shared - for example, family photos can only be seen by family members.

Ideally this would need a simple administration/configuration page where tags could be entered or selected, and then those images not displayed by a boolean AND/OR comparison with an images tags to the blacklist.  For example, blacklist images containing "Censored: Nudity" AND/OR "Censored: Violent" AND/OR "Blocked" AND/OR "Joe Bloggs".

I guess this should be relatively easy to achieve globally (for all users) but could be more difficult to do for individual users or groups of users.



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