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Issues Uploading Large MP4 Files

Hello Everyone,

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas eve. My wife got a new camera for christmas and filmed almost everything. Now, i wanted to upload these pretty big MP4 files (almost 4 GB) to my piwigo gallery since i have plently of space.

After googeling i found the php.ini file so i changed it to 5000M at the max file size but i still cant upload these. Any other sugesstions where i need to change something?

Thank you in advance!



#2 2021-12-29 04:41:34

Only trying to help

Re: Issues Uploading Large MP4 Files

Try increasing php.ini post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.
And don't be surprised if not all components involved handle more than 2GB.

Anyhow, best use rsync or sftp that can resume (reput) a transfer if connection breaks and then use Piwigo's FTP sync for a physical album. Uploading through the upload form has to start from scratch again if anything fails.

Running Piwigo at https://erack.net/gallery/



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