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#1 2022-01-26 17:15:06


Delete Piwigo database entries


I have installed the plugin "User Collection" and wanted to make changes in the "sets.php" for testing purposes. Unfortunately, it did not bring the desired effect and in addition also something "broken".

My goal was that with the csv file is output only with the names and namely the names not as rows below each other in a column, but as an entry in a line separated with a comma.

This is the normal output:

I would like to have it like this (preferably without the "name" label):
name, image1, image2, image3

If nobody has a solution for this, I will have to write a workaround with Excel.

Now to the problem.

Because I changed something in the "sets.php", my "User Collection" showed a strange behavior.

Every time I downloaded a csv file, the whole "set" of choices (name, id, file. etc.) was doubled. In the end, I had all the choices available 6 times instead of just once.

Unfortunately, when I then uninstalled the plugin, this had no effect. Only when I optimized and repaired the database Tools --> Maintenance --> Optimize and repair database, the adding of the single parameters stopped. However, the previously created duplicates remained and I have not found a solution to delete them again.

Is there any way to manually delete database entries of plugins so I can get back to the default settings of the plugin?

Thanks in advance




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