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Anonymous upload


I am new here.  I manage the web site and photo archive of a car club and to cut costs I am migrating all our photos from a paid for system to an instance of Piwigo hosted on our ISP's servers.

One feature I need is the ability for users (its anonymous on our current site) to upload photos themselves to a shared area which I monitor and move genuine ones to designated folders.   Many of our users are retired and not too computer savvy.  A drag and drop interface is about as technical as some of them can manage it seems - no chance I could ask them to use an ftp client or similar.

So, any suggestions please on how to achieve this here ?   I assume as a minimum I need to make a single generic account and pass the details around the members or can it be done anonymously.

I saw a plugin called 'Community' and wondered if that was suitable?


Piwigo 13.4.0
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 7.4.33
MySQL: 5.5.5-10.5.18-MariaDB-cll-lve
Graphics Library: ImageMagick 6.9.10-68

Piwigo URL: http://photos.mx5yorkshire.co.uk



#2 2023-01-23 00:05:24

Only trying to help

Re: Anonymous upload

Yes, the Community plugin will let user accounts upload photos. You could create accounts and pass credentials on, otherwise you'd have to open up user account registration.

Running Piwigo at https://erack.net/gallery/



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