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[Plugin] Music_player


This topic is dedicated to the plugin Music_player and its support in English
[extension by flop25] Music_player
What is it ?

The plugin show a block menu or just an icon if you want, which open a pop-up containing a player based in flash. The player play -only- music by clicking on the playlist to listen. The player and the pop-up are fully skinable and skeletal ! The skin may also be adpated according to the current style of the user.
the plugin manage the playlist : one folder in the folder music is equal to a playlist. The playlist are generated by the playlist and each songs may be managed individually ! The plugin manage also playlist distant, mike podcast, or any kind of xml file written in Atom, Xspf (used by the plugin), ou RSS. !


The plugin integrate a FAQ so READ IT BEFORE POSTING, PLEASE !

Current version :
2.1.4 : compatible for piwigo 2.1.x

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