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Issue with rightclick Plugin

Hi I am new to Piwigo.....I tried all the themes and finally decided to go with "Luciano Amodio".

In order to save my pictures from easily copied, I installed the rightClick plug-in. However, I found one problem with this. After I installed the rightclick plug-in, the photo page navigation got affected. Before installation, the thumbnails at the two ends (previous and next image) were only visible when the cursor was placed at the ends. But after the plug-in installation, the navigation thumbnails are visible at all times.

This is only seen when accessed the site as a guest. (I only have admin and guest settings and have no additional user)

I somewhat fixed the problem by adding the Autosize plug-in. However, there is another problem with this plug-in. The picture shown on the photo page, does not center itself in the frame.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.



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