#1 2011-01-11 16:07:29


Picture Page Setting and Selecting Category Representant


I have two issues with my piwigi simple black theme.

1. I use ploader for uploading my images..But when I upload the pics in a category. They get sorted automatically in the category. The first uploaded pic becomes last. And I could not find any option to sort these images...I would love to see a customizes sort option here.

2. Every category is represented on the category page by a thumbnail of a random picture from the category. I would love to see an option to select my favorite pic from the category. Right now it takes lot of time to select the picture of my choice by pressing the random button and fighting with my luck for the program to select my fav pic as a random selection. And it gets worst if you have more than 100 pics in a category.



Piwigo team is doing a gr8 job....And I appreciate your efforts....



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