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Audio and Video Functions

Hello ereryone, i would like to know if someone tell me, if the audio and videos works on piwigo
i sure it does, coz i would like to add my family videos online for my family to view. i played
around quite bit but no luck. and how to upload the videos and where to upload it. without
the pLoader. pLoader doesn't work with audio and videos files. any help would appreciated
if someone know of good php script for audio and videos files it would be great.

( Piwigo team keep up the good work. loving it. i hope the pLoader would be fix soon.
maybe piwigo team should be abale to add ftp file transfer rather than pLoader uploading.
some time it doesn't work maybe FTP would be better or java uploader or something.)

Thanks a lot



#2 2011-05-13 07:33:27

Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Re: Audio and Video Functions

For add video, mp3, on piwigo by FTP -> [extension by jdd] Charlies' content

For add video since Dailymotion, Youtube, Wideo,... -> [extension by mistic100] Embedded Videos

For use a other tool since your PC xith a java technologie -> jiwigo

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