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Using Quicktime's reference movie for Wi-FI, Cellular and Broadband

Hello everyone.

Thanks once again to the developers of this fantastic piece of software. It is truly amazing. My family and friends love the way I have been able to get the photos of our first grandchild on the web in such a beautiful and well presented manner.

While testing the software, I uploaded a 2 minute video taken with the iPhone 4. It was about 118 MB in size. In playing it back at home on my desktop computers (Mac and PC) the playback was jerky, despite the fact that I am on cable. On my iPad 2, the playback was very slow.

I did some reading and found that I had to convert the video in a format for the web. I opened the video in Quicktime 10 (the version that comes with Lion) and exported the movie. To my surprise, it exports 3 versions of the same movie. One for WiFi, one for cellular and one for broadband. Apparently, it will deliver the appropriate format depending on what device is trying to access the video. On further reading, I came across this post in the Apple discussion boards (thank you to QuicktimeKirk for the information):

It’s not just a nice file that is made from your source when you “Export for Web” using QuickTime Pro. The export is very complex and quite useful if you learn a few basic html skills. The “source” file used in the example (usually Published to a Desktop folder) is a “reference movie” with a custom (.jpg format) image from your movie. The special html code (and the javascript file) can actually “read” the Internet connection speed of the viewing machine (or device) to serve up just the right file based on those settings.

A Desktop machine (Mac or PC) with a high speed connection would be served the “large” file. A dial-up user would get the smallest version. An iPhone would get yet another version of your file. A less capable -//:---\spam would also get the small version.
iWeb allows authors to use html “snippets”. The Export for Web option even writes the page code for you. You would have to first upload the folder that contains your movies to your server and then slightly modify the html code generated by QuickTime Pro to “point” to the full path of the reference movie. As long as the other QuickTime files are in that same folder things should work just fine.
You can edit html page code in TextEdit (set to plain text). Just drag your mouse over the html code displayed in a browser window and “copy”. Open a new (blank) TextEdit plain text document and “paste”. Make your edits to the URL of the reference movie and save the file with the file extension .html
Use this new blah.html file as your iWeb “snippet”.

When I open the folder that Quicktime exported to, there is a file in there named iFrame.html. I opened this file and this is what is displayed (see attached PDF).

Unfortunately, this is a little above my skills. I understand the concept, but it is the mechanics of getting it to work that is overwhelming. I know there is a plugin Additional Pages and my question is whether this is what I need to implement this feature of serving the appropriate format of the video to the appropriate client.

Can Piwigo implement this? Can someone please tell me how to do this or point me to someplace where I can read how to implement this feature?

Thanks in advance.

[PS: I can't seem to upload the pdf file. It is only 192 KB in size. I have tried three times but it won't upload. Can someone tell me how to upload it?]

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Piwigo Team

Re: Using Quicktime's reference movie for Wi-FI, Cellular and Broadband

first Piwigo is for pictures : other format are here in extra. We'll not implement a feature for video
About your problem : I recommend to re-encode your video in a better format (unfortunately Apple use proprietary format and software..) and to use one of the plugins available for video

To get a better help : Politeness like Hello-A link-Your past actions precisely described
Check my extensions : more than 30 available
who I am and what I do :
My gallery : an illustration of how to integrate Piwigo in your website



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Re: Using Quicktime's reference movie for Wi-FI, Cellular and Broadband

Thanks for the reply.

I've been able to play the QuickTime movies on my iphone, ipad, Mac and PC desktops without a problem using that very useful extension Charlies' Content.

I've played the same QuickTime movie on my PC using IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari without any problems. So I don't know why people have an aversion to QuickTime.

As for Piwigo not ever implementing video, that is sad given that it is almost perfect. It would give people a one-stop solution for sharing memories with friends and relatives.

I'm testing the three formats using the extension Additional Pages and I am making some progress. Hopefully I'll get there and post the solution.



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