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Frankfurt am Main

[resolved] Permissions within hierarchy

Hi all

I think I already know the answer, but I wanted to double check.  Presumably, if you don't grant public access to a top level folder, you can't give public access to a lower level?

I have albums broken down by year and then event as below:

2011/Event 1
2011/Event 2
2010/Event 1
2010/Event 2


I have a need to allow 2010/Event 2 to be publically available and would prefer not to have to create another Virtual Album and associate.

Can this be done?  I come from a networking background, and when I want to do this on a server, I grant access to the lower level folder and then the user is granted enough access to all folders above to see the route down.   So if I grant access to 2010/Event 2, they are able to see 2010 and 2010/Event 2 but nothing else.

I have tried to grant guest access to 2010 and 2010/Event 2 to recreate this...but when I visit the gallery as a guest, I still don't see any albums.

In fact, I don't seem to be able to see any album that is marked as public when I am not logged into the gallery.  I can't see any reason for this

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#2 2011-12-17 09:13:05

Frankfurt am Main

Re: [resolved] Permissions within hierarchy


I can be such a moron sometimes.  I figured out my problem.

Firstly...the permissions work as I wanted, so thank you for that.  If I choose to give the guest account permissions on the lowest level...Piwigo grants Guest permissions on the levels above.

My issue was that, during upload, I had removed Guest visibility from all photos on the Gallery (thinking I was helping be nice and secure).  So I batch changed all photos to "Everyone" visibility and, surprise surprise, it worked as expected.

Ah well...




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