#1 2012-05-24 15:22:47

Martin Gora

How to recover my gallery?

I was trying to move my wife’s gallery from one URL to another on the same server, basically from to I guess it’s pretty safe, as I read on this forum that Piwigo is URL independent.
Because I did not want to download / upload all files again via FTP (few gigs of pictures), I’ve asked customer service technician at my hosting company (IX Web hosting – beware) to move it for me, as there is no shell access, just C-panel, and online file manager was crashing.
Unfortunately what that idiot did was dumping all the files and folders from previous location into without keeping directory structure. All dumped in one folder, it’s a mess. Don’t have to say gallery is not working but crashing…
I’ve located folder [2012] that seems to be containing pictures and thumbnails. It used to be in [upload] folder, now it’s in root directory of the gallery, but anyways. I was hoping that if I can save that folder (and possibly some others that I don’t know about yet), make fresh installation of Piwigo in desired destination, then I could somehow import my galleries with all the descriptions etc.

Can anyone guide me how to do it? Is it possible at all?
Or maybe there is better way?

BTW: I guess database itself is intact.


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