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[Naive] - Some more questions!

My prev. thread got hijacked by spammers, so here are my current questions :)

1. You gave me code to make the subalbums "smaller" compared to the main catagories. What's the code to do the following:
- Make the main catagories bigger (leave the subalbums at their current size)
- Add one whiteline between the catagories (but not between the catagorie and it's subalbums)

2. I forgot to activate the arrows in my settings to navigate between pictures :( so that was easily fixed, however.. to have the arrows "appear" you need to move your cursor outside of the picture in the white border left or right respectivly... how can I make it so the arrows appear from about 1cm either side already ?

Thanks for the help!


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Re: [Naive] - Some more questions!

You can probably do something like this for your first point (not tested) :


#menubar ul {
#menubar ul li ul {

And for the second question,  if I understand it correctly, the workarround would probably be to play with the padding of #go_to_prev and #go_to_next.

As i've not tested anything, in both case, test and hack with firebug before adding it to your LocalFiles editor.



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Re: [Naive] - Some more questions!

Hmm to question 1, it doesn't seem to differiate between subalbums with no pictures and ones with... so it just sizes them all bigger... I added the plugin that changes the list to a "tree" and that helps a little to see the difference ... guess ill leave it at that...

For the second question... it seems the arrows do not appear on mouse over the picture itself, only on the border, if you mouse hoover over the bottom white part below the picture (where the name is), the arrows actually appear all the way from the center of the image already... so my non educated guess is the margins are perfect... but it's the mouse over that's not registering if on the picture itself....

On a sidenote, do you know how to remove that abundance of whitespace between thumbnails rows ? I removed everything on the thumbnail page (textwise, so it's only the thumbs themselves remaining), but it had seas of white space between rows unused that kinda make the layout ugly :) how can I shorten that space ? THANKS!


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Re: [Naive] - Some more questions!

Scrap the sidenote, found it out, it was changing this:

.picture_item {
  float: left;
  margin: 12px;
  width: 150px;
  height: 100px;
  text-align: center;
  vertical-align: baseline;

in the CSS....

Well biggest prob I still have left is adding full album description on the thumbnail page (and im not the only one I noticed :))


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