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Re: [resolved] Don`t work Manage photo ranks

i don`t know what happened, but it`s working... order my photos by creating date of photo...



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Marlborough, MA, USA

Re: [resolved] Don`t work Manage photo ranks

flop25 wrote:

geoffschultz wrote:

Once again, I think that the albums are being sorted correctly when they are displayed.  The issue seems to be that in the Manage Photo Ranks that it doesn't display them correctly unless "manual" is selected.  This is clearly bad/wrong behavior.  I expect the Manage Photo Ranks to display what the album will display.

you can open a ticket in the bugtracker

I created a ticket as suggested.  I also looked at the code and saw that the images are displayed in the manual sort order as defined in image_category table, which is only valid if you have manual set.

I really don't understand how the initial sort order is determined.  It's not date created or filename or the image id.  If I could get this set to something that was consistent (and definable by me), that would solve lots of problems.  I would have thought that the initial sort order (if not defined) would be  the default photo sort order  as defined in the configuration file.

One last thing, why does it display the square version of the image?  If you have similar images, it's extremely difficult to figure out which image is which.  Using the thumbnail would be much easier for the user.

-- Geoff

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