#1 2012-10-11 18:56:55


Users upload video?

I've gotten Piwigo working-- pretty much how I want it to work except for video.
I noticed there were two plugins; jplayer and piwigo_videojs (or something).

It seems like for both you have to upload the file to the server and then synchronize. Is there any way to have it to where a user can upload a video?

I assume this might be a modification with the upload process? Have .m4v or .mp4 files allowed and then point them to, perhaps, the dir galleries?

... Ideas?


#2 2014-04-28 17:57:41


Re: Users upload video?

Did you find an answer to your question?  I'm using the plugin "community" to upload photos, but I'd like to give my users the ability to upload videos.


#3 2014-05-06 19:33:37


Re: Users upload video?

It took too much digging but I think I found a script plg wrote that you can use in a cron job to schedule periodic resynchronizations.  They can upload their videos and wait for the next synch.


I do wish that Piwigo had much more robust and easy video handling.  The current setup is really unwieldy, two files in two different directories for each video, etc. (and I think the videos are helping crash RegalAndroid).


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