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Bugs/Issues in the Photo Page (Canonical Link Url for the photo page)


I would like to point one issue: Recently, I had posted a query ( regarding converting the SEO urls by stripping the category keywords from them such as:

Original Url: http://localhost/photos/picture/2-photoname/category/categoryname
New Url: http://localhost/photos/picture/2-photoname/

I have been able to achieve this by making some modifications in the file "include/functions_url file" as was directed to by my Piwigo team member. I know that  the Search engines also crawl the new url format as that has been mentioned as Canonical link on the picture page as well.

Taking a live example from the Demo site, I would like to highlight a few issues that are present when the canonical link page is displayed:

Original Url:-

Search Engine Indexed Url (After considering Canonical Url Tag)

Therefore a user who visits the photo page via Search Engine will be directed to the following url

The elements missing in this page as compared to are as follows:

a) Previous | Next Links and Image Thumbnails change because there is no 'category' present to pass the query.
b) If there is Category Menu present on Left side (Like it is present on Category Pages), even that won't display the current hierachy.
c) You are here: at the top also misses out the category structure.

I would request the team members to please look into this issue.



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Piwigo Team

Re: Bugs/Issues in the Photo Page (Canonical Link Url for the photo page)

A picture can be in several albums and the user can reach this image from comments, random picture, a collection...
We can't deploy the menu etc for all these reasons but when category parameter is missing we might highlight more the albums which includes the current picture
But you can do that on your theme, because those albums are always written bellow the picture

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#3 2013-12-30 11:31:10

Former Piwigo Team
Lyon (FR)

Re: Bugs/Issues in the Photo Page (Canonical Link Url for the photo page)

Well this is exactly what I said in the other topic : without location info in the URL we can't know where we are

this won't change



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