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#1 2013-11-11 11:47:54


Some problems with Lightbox / Fancybox

Hello there,

I have the problem with lightbox, that there are always scrollbars around the image. I do upload already resized Images with 700px on the longer side and adjusted the Format within piwigo also to 700px.

I tried to alter the css code but it don't work.

Additionally, I can't add a shadowbox to the image. The shadow is only visible on the top side of the Image.

A third Problem is that I did custom arrows (prev/next) and close Icons and tried to move them out of the picture with margin - but they dissappear as soon as they leave the photo area.

Fancybox looks very nice, but it only opens the Picture from the normal photo view and not from the Gallery overview (I use GThumb+). Is there any way to change this behaviour?

Thanks a lot in advance and excuse those wrong capitals - autocorrection... :)




#2 2014-01-12 05:39:05

Translation Team

Re: Some problems with Lightbox / Fancybox

same problem.

I think the lightbox load orignial (huge image) not websize(medium) image.

life is a journey.


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