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help with tags

I previously kept my photos on a windows computer. All my pictures were tagged (and the tag is saved as a part of the file). Now I moved to Linux and installed piwigo to be able to share my photos with the family.
The problem is that piwigo has its own tags and totally disregards the tags that are already in the file.
Is there a way the make the piwigo use the tags that are already in the file?


#2 2014-02-05 18:56:08

Piwigo Team

Re: help with tags

Depends how the photos were tagged (IPTC works with piwigo). Do you have a photo sample ?



#3 2014-02-05 19:04:12

Piwigo Team
Quetigny - France

Re: help with tags

Hi :-)

Have you read help in the wiki

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Re: help with tags


I read somewhere that a window 7 natively handles IPTC tags. Since I used windows to create tags (using the right click on the image and selecting properties) I assumed all tags are going to be in the IPTC format.
How can I attach a picture to this post?


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Re: help with tags

Well I added some IPTC tags (key words) and now I see a new section called "IPTC Metadata" under the picture. But there is a more global section that contains a "tags" field that is empty. I also have a Tags submenu (on the left) but it contains 0 tags.
I am getting confused, how to I see all tags in piwigo? How can I search files by tags?


#6 2014-02-06 19:02:47

Piwigo Team

Re: help with tags … onf_locale
so you will see that by default


// show_iptc: Show IPTC metadata on picture.php if asked by user
$conf['show_iptc'] = false;

// show_iptc_mapping : is used for showing IPTC metadata on picture.php
// page. For each key of the array, you need to have the same key in the
// $lang array. For example, if my first key is 'iptc_keywords' (associated
// to '2#025') then you need to have $lang['iptc_keywords'] set in
// language/$user['language']/common.lang.php. If you don't have the lang
// var set, the key will be simply displayed
// To know how to associated iptc_field with their meaning, use
// tools/metadata.php
$conf['show_iptc_mapping'] = array(
  'iptc_keywords'        => '2#025',
  'iptc_caption_writer'  => '2#122',
  'iptc_byline_title'    => '2#085',
  'iptc_caption'         => '2#120'

// use_iptc: Use IPTC data during database synchronization with files
// metadata
$conf['use_iptc'] = false;

so did you change anything ?

if not change at least to $conf['use_iptc'] = true;
then if it still not working maybe that's not   'iptc_keywords'        => '2#025' for your pictures so run tool/metadata.php to know which number to put

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