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Migrating metadata back into IPTC or EXIF


I've scanned the documentation and the forums but I don't see this issue addressed anywhere.  Is it possible to move the metadata (I'm thinking captions and tags primarily) back into the image files?  I'm scanning the family archive of pictures and I'd like to give all my family members the ability to caption the thousands of photos and then import the data back into the IPTC fields in the files so that if I send individual files to people the data stays with it.

I saw a metadata synchronization function and got a little excited but from what I can read in the documentation this only pushes the data from IPTC to Piwigo.  Can Piwigo push it back the other way? (or has anyone written a customization that does this?)

Thanks in advance and I hope this wasn't covered elsewhere, I tried to search but couldn't find anything.

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Re: Migrating metadata back into IPTC or EXIF


I have done something close to what you require, but you will need to be confident enough with accessing a database using phpmyadmin and getting your hands dirty a bit! My problem was to transfer captions, titles and geotagging information from Piwigo into the EXIF/IPTC information for photos. (The context of my work was copying info originally entered on Flickr, but that is not really relevant). I found it was too complex to deal with normal tags, primarily since there can be a variable number of them for each photo.

As background, it is important to understand, as I see it anyway, that if you use Piwigo to enter captions and tags etc, then this information is stored in the Piwigo database and NOT in the photo file itself (unless it was there before the photo was uploaded). If you want to move information entered via Piwigo into the jpg files, then my procedure is based on this (it may not be the best method but it worked for me): (1) use phpmyadmin to extract the appropriate fields from the Piwigo database for the relevant photos and export this information to your computer in a suitable format, 1 row per photo - csv for MSExcel is fine (2) open the csv file, check it looks ok, edit if necessary, and add a header row which gives the correct EXIF names to each field (3) use the batch downloader plugin to download the relevant jpg files from Piwigo, to ensure consistency of filenames (4) merge the fields from the csv file into the jpg files using exiftool from the command line.

This worked for me, and many files can be done in one go. Of course, only do this if you feel reasonably confident, and try it on a test database first and not your live one!




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