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Piwigo - 2.6.2

A friend of mine had an archive web site built for him 4 years old.

He had accumulated over 50 years a vast collection of photos, magazine reports and movies relating to a minority sport.

Unfortunately the site was built in an old fashioned way, the webmaster lost interest after a while with the work load and my pal was unable to update it.

I had a chat with him, said I would help.

I then found Piwigio - Which is perfect in every way, I can upload his 7,000 jpegs, various films in flv and his 1,000 or so pdf's!

Installation was simple although I needed to change some permissions on my host server to allow some images to show.

I have only needed to use 2 plugins, Charlies' and Additional Pages for this project.

The only down side is that I am having to rename some of his PDF's (He has put spaces in the title) to allow them - Is it possible this could changed for the future please?

Thanks again all - I will post a link on this thread when the uploading is complete!


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