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401 Error on User Upload - Issue Found but unable to resolve


When a logged-in user attempts to upload to a public album, the upload fails with a 401 error.
The album permissions allow for any logged in user to upload, and the permissions to the upload folder on the server are set correctly. Just to be sure they are currently set to 777.

I've worked on this for hours and here's what I discovered:

> In Firefox the upload fails with an Http 401 error. No image is uploaded.

> In Chrome, the image uploads, but, and here's where the problem lies, if I click any one of the thumbnails in the Uploaded Photos section, I get "You are not authorised to access the requested page" even though I am logged in and just uploaded the image.

The reason is the link that the thumbnail goes to is:

Of course a logged in user has no authority in the admin section, therefore they receive the not authorized error message.

I am trying to track down what portion of Piwigo code establishes the link for the uploaded thumbnails. So far I have not found it.

I believe once this is changed, that this issue will be resolved.

My community is setup with:
Any registered user - high trust - 50MB - 100 photos - sub album creation

Piwigo version: 2.6.2
PHP version: 5.4.27
MySQL version: 5.5.32
Piwigo URL: http:// internal test only right now



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