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I just installed my 1st PIWIGO gallery site & test driving it now ...

I really love this software (version 2.7.1) and decided to use the Montblanc template.  Both the application and the template were easy to install and it was easy replacing the header image with my own in the template.  I'm still feeling my way around but so far like what I see!    It seems clean and easy to use and I really like the varied ways you can upload images.   Since I have thousands of images - the drag and drop works best for me (one album at a time). 

I do have a few questions:

1.  I can't seem to get the date to be saved.  Every time I go to select a 1988 date and click save, it reverts back to today's date for the image creation date.  I'm trying to put in a bunch of very old family photos so date is very important to me. 

2.  I've looked but can't find - a way to easily make the width of the page variable vs fixed width.  I have a large monitor so the fixed width doesn't show much as compared to the size I could display.  Is there an easy way to change this without breaking something.   

Piwigo version:   2.7.1
PHP version:   5.4.34
MySQL version:   5.6.17
Piwigo URL:


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Piwigo Team

Re: I just installed my 1st PIWIGO gallery site & test driving it now ...


1) how o you set the date exactly?

2) … q:css_code

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