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Cold Springs (Reno), NV, USA

[Cross-Post] System Error when running plugin Virtualizer


I am migrating from G2 and have been pretty happy so far, but it will be necessary to convert some legacy albums (at least) from physical to virtual. I tried Virtualizer and ended up with an unspecified system error. Since the legacy albums contain about 14,000 (14 thousand) photos and documents (mostly jpg, but some TIFF and PDF, with a few gif and bmp), the process may have hit a run-time limit somewhere - I am familiar with that with G2. If that is the case, I need to know where in the server software to increase the memory and/or processing time limits.

If it is a file type problem, I need to know that, too.

There is a fairly deep album structure in some places, too, maybe 6-10 albums deep.

If all else fails, perhaps I need to do it a bit at a time?

Any insight into such a situation?

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version: 5.3
MySQL version: latest on
Piwigo URL:



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