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Migrating from WordPress

Hello I've known Piwigo for quite some time and i'm considering on migrating one of my websites that's currently using WordPress. The thing is i can't really find much information on how to. There's a few pros and cons on using Piwigo instead of Wordpress but if the migration isn't that hard to do/expensive (if i pay somebody to) I may do it.

The pros:

- Mobile Friendly. At least i saw a competitor of mine that uses Piwigo and the mobile experience is a thousand times better than mine.

- Better user nagivation which I don't even have on my Wordpress (it's all 1 single post for each image). Since now i got over 5000 images it's impossible to organize them myself and each single category (got over 100 ) into some custom gallery for every single category. The time it'd take me is not worth it.

The cons: (Now i may be too judgmental because I don't know a lot of Piwigo)

- Auto post to social networks : ie. Twitter and Tumblr. I get some good portion of traffic from twitter and a auto-pilot Tumblr. Every single post gets auto uploaded to twitter as well which is useful. Is there any way to do this with Piwigo?

Without going too much offtopic and making you guys focus on trying to convince me. How hard would it be to migrate from wordpress?



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