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Vasilis Yiannakos

Photos delay to appear after upload

Hello and happy new year to everyone!

Last months I face a problem with my piwigo gallery: each time I upload some photos, although the thumbnails appear normally within the albums, the big images (when I open the image page, by clicking on the thumbnail) do not show up. Instead, the progress bar keeps loading, although the page renders complete. After some days (!!) the full size images appear normally!

There is an example here: I uploaded the image right now, so If you visit the page after, eg a week, it may show up!)

Any help please?

Piwigo version: 2.7.4
PHP version: 5.4.45
MySQL version: 5.5.42-37.1
Piwigo URL:


#2 2016-01-06 17:57:55


Re: Photos delay to appear after upload

I've been experiencing the same issue.  Generating an image sometimes takes a long time (for me I blame it on the NAS CPU and lack of ImageMagick).  Normally I see it a few hours or a day later.

To debug your issue turn on logging:
1. read this article … onf_locale (it updates ./local/config/
2. add this line to the file $conf['enable_i_log'] = true;
3. save and close
4. kick-off a process that will now generate log data

The log file is located at   ./_data/tmp/i.log

After you have logging turn on go back to the same page where the image is missing.  You should then be able to see something written to the log file (./_data/tmp/i.log) showing that the image is being generated.

If nothing appears in the log then try to use the Batch Image generator to force the process. 

If still not getting anything in the log or on the page then the issue is deeper and will require debugging of your system.

P.S.  Also check your cache folder to see if an image was created './_data/i/<site_name>/<album_name>/'

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#3 2016-01-06 19:03:56

Vasilis Yiannakos

Re: Photos delay to appear after upload

Thanks for the reply!

I followed your instructions. The images of the last photographs that I uploaded are already generated (!! - usually it took more than a week, now they appeared after an hour!)

However, I uploaded a new photograph and the log file generated these two entries:

2016-01-06T11:58:57-06:00 perf 20160106115857-7661cd4d.jpg 600 800 480000 20160106115857-7661cd4d-th.jpg 135 180 24300 0.7 60 | 21   34   4 0
2016-01-06T11:59:36-06:00 WARN 301 ././upload/2011/11/08/20111108120819-6b2c7718.jpg /upload/2011/11/08/20111108120819-6b2c7718.jpg

The url of the new (still un-generated image is


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