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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo moves to Github

After years of hosting our own SVN (subversion) repository on server, here comes a major change for our coding activities. Moving to Github is a huge change, led and prepared by Mistic for months.

What are the changes?

* we change from SVN to Git to manage code
* we separate projects : each project has its own repository
* each project has its own bugtracker
* code is no longer officially hosted on our server (but we have backups)

Why moving to Git?

Working for years with SVN has been nice but no longer meets the modern coding standards. Nearly all developers, especially in open source like us, are now using Git. Git is slightly more complex than SVN, but also faster and much more powerful. It will require some time be perfectly "git fluent" but it is an important skill to have for any coder.

Why moving to Github?

Github is "the place to be" for coders. Actually nearly all open source developpers already have an account on this plateform. It has become the "de facto" standard for open source projects, because they provide excellent service and comfortable tools so that we can focus on coding.

What about bug reports and feature requests?

In order to be fixed or implemented, precise bug reports and feature requests need to be in the appropriate Github repository in the "issues" section.

If you're not sure about your report/request, please use the forum. If valid, an issue will be created on Github by the user or by a Piwigo member.

Any other open discussions like help requests should stay on the forum.

What about extensions?

40% of themes and plugins have already moved to Github. mistic has prepared a documentation page to move from SVN to Github.

The move to Github is not mandatory. There is no plan to shutdown SVN repository. If you're not ready yet to jump into Git/Github, you can stay on our SVN repository.


* Piwigo organization
* Piwigo core project and its issue tracker
* All Piwigo related projects activity timeline

To wish Piwigo a good start on Github, you're more than welcome to star the project :-)

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#2 2015-11-25 01:15:29


Re: Piwigo moves to Github

I am on GitHub so it was not hard to find your repository so my comments are primarily for others.

Your post does not actually have an obvious link to the GitHub repository.

On closer inspection (after I found you by searching on GitHub) I note that the "Piwigo organization" and "Piwigo Core Project" link is actually the GitHub link. Might I suggest you include GitHub in the description of these links or use the icon from the GitHub site (


#3 2016-01-14 20:13:12

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Piwigo moves to Github

Hi SimonCropper,

Sorry for this lack of reply, I had not seen your post.

OK, I have added icons. Is it better?


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