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[resolved] Permission problems


I need my albums to be available only to registered and approved users. I've created a group "approved". The users register themselves, I receive the notification and move them in the group.
The albums are private and the "approved" group has access to them.
When I first tested it, the thing seemed to work, since I could not see the albums even from the webmaster account until I moved the account into the group.
However it works only for the webmaster account... I now have 5 registered users I've already moved into the "approved" group, but they can't see the albums ("0 photos" is all they see in the albums box). They aren't webmasters obviously, they're simple users, but they do belong to the "approved" group.

What else should I do to let them see the albums?


So, no replies in two days... I assumed this was a newbie problem, but it seems no one knows what to suggest.

I try to tell more about my setup, maybe something makes a light bulb go on over someone's head...

I had the followin plugins installed and activated:

Additional pages
Paypal cart
PWG stuffs
User custom fields

I've added a homepage and a few mandatory fields for user registration. I've only played around with PWG stuffs and Paypal cart, but I've not deployed anything with those. I now removed them, but the problem persists.

I've tried creating a new, non webmaster user, to make tests. If the user has status is  "User" or "Generic", the problem is the same. If the user has status "Administrator", he can see the galleries, but not the photos in the galleries. Only the webmaster can see everthing the group "approved" has access to.

The albums have been uploaded by ftp and then I've set all the filesystem permissions to rw-rw-rw with www-data as owner and group owner. (rwx for directories).

Any clue?


I've now tried creating a new handmade album (not FTP uploaded and sync'd): this one works as expected, so the problem is somewhere in the process of uploading via FTP and syncing. However I can't create the albums by hand, because they contain too many photos and too many gigabytes to upload by hand. 

Piwigo version: 2.8.1
PHP version: 5.6.20-0+deb8u1
MySQL version: Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.14-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64)
Piwigo URL:

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Re: [resolved] Permission problems

I've finally solved the problem. I've selected all the photos In the batch manager and applied the "Who can see the photos?" action with "Everybody" selection (before that all the thumbnails in the batch manager had a "Administrator" watermark).

That action has made the photos available to everyone, still honoring the group permissions, so that "Everybody" actually means "Everybody who has been given permission".



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