#1 2016-06-21 15:26:49

Bill Mallinson

Help appreciated

I am unable to upload any pics to my site . I sign in, go to administration etc etc etc, and everything appears to upload, but not going intp my albums.

I am also getting a lot of messages " Illegal string offset 'installed' in /misc/27/000/275/937/4/user/web/ on line 652" etc etc

1. How to be able to upload again
2. How to delete these messages as they are showing up on Google searches too :(

I contacted my Web host (Bravenet)  and they replied >>>
The error you are receiving:
Warning: Illegal string offset 'installed' in /misc/27/000/275/937/4/user/web/ on line 652

This shows up because the script is referencing a variable that is not set within the scope of the function it's being called from.

Regarding, the ability to upload photos, and the issue with the error, you'll want to contact the creator of the gallery system for support with their products. As they would know how to fix the issue better than we would.

I need help please.   

PS I am NOT computer savvy , so any help will need to be in plain english


#2 2016-06-21 15:31:43

Piwigo Team

Re: Help appreciated

Looks like you may have missed this:

- Requires that 'GrumPluginClasses 3.5.2' plugin be previously installed.



#3 2016-06-27 00:33:45

Bill Mallinson

Re: Help appreciated

I am not computer savvy...

where do I get that from and how do I install it ??


#4 2016-06-27 01:45:22


Re: Help appreciated


You just need to download it from here...

Upload it to your piwigo/plugins directory

Then activate it from the menu (Plugins)



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