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#1 2016-06-30 21:29:41


GPS/Google/OSM safety/dead zones


Love Piwigo, use it a lot.  I am always concerned that my Geotagging reveals the location of my home though. 

It seems like it would be very easy to simply do a find-and-replace on the database to find the coordinates of my house and simply truncate the final decimal point off every match.  Basically taking 32.3518,-95.3016 (my office, where I'm typing this from), and truncating it to 32.351,-95.301.  Truncating or rounding it from 4 decimals to 3 would take the accuracy from 33 feet to 330 feet.  It could truncate or round it off the metadata or database.

But, as long as this is surely a common need, and as long as I know nothing about databases, might as well mention it as perhaps a plugin or feature on the "Maps & Earth" or "OpenStreetMap" plugins.  That way we could simply define a geofence--again maybe as simple as clicking on a point on the map or filling out a form with lat/lon and saying "apply safety obfuscation to any pictures within 100 feet of this point."


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#2 2016-07-01 11:19:33

Piwigo Team

Re: GPS/Google/OSM safety/dead zones

such 'database check' would be quite 'simple' to do; then the complexity relies on how to trigger that check. Is it per request via a button on an admin page (easiest way), or automatically at the upload (more difficult because you can sync the metadata or the picture after upload too): honestly the easy way would be great to learn how to code and developp your first plugin :)
even more honestly, i'm almost sure no one here has the time for coding that feature.

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#3 2016-07-04 22:05:41

Munich / Germany

Re: GPS/Google/OSM safety/dead zones

I would probably try to apply that to the gps data in the image before uploading.

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