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Joachim Prinsloo

Album permission per user

Hello all,

I have recently installed Piwigo to investigate whether it will cater for my specific needs. It looks great so far but I am having trouble with album permissions.

My Scenario: I would like for a user to register on Piwigo. As soon as a user registers, a default album is created for them let call it "Favorites". It is also important that the registered user can only see their respective albums. So in essence Jack will register and will be able to see his favorites album and mary will register and see her favorites albumbut Jack will not be able to see Mary's Favorites album. This should also be the case with any additional sub albums that the users create. So in essence, all albums which a user creates should be private and viewable only to them and no one else. This should happen automatically (Like a default).

I have read that the Community plugin should be able to bring me closer to achieving this however I cannot figure out how to get it going.

I would also prefer to switch off manual album creation in Piwigo for the registered users. The albums that will be created will be done via connected devices (ie a mobile app and others) which brings me to my next question. Is there an API which can be used in android studio (Java) which enable piwigo management from an external device (registering users, authenticating users, creating albums, uploading photos possibly using web services etc)?

Thanks for the help. This software looks great.


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Re: Album permission per user

For the API related question, take a look at the Webservice API and some rudimentary documentation

For the default permissions, take a look at include/


// newcat_default_status : at creation, must a category be public or private
// ? Warning : if the parent category is private, the category is
// automatically create private.
$conf['newcat_default_status'] = 'public';

That's the default, you can override this in local/config/ (see LocalFiles Editor plugin)

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