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Piwigo_Import_Tree Please explain the directory parameter


I have a lot of directories and photos to upload so I want to use Piwigo_Import_Tree. I am on a hosted server, so I have a few limitations as to what I can see.

I'm trying to understand what to put in as the directory parameter. The documentation says to cd to a windows directory and run the program from there. So I don't know if the directory parameter wants that windows directory or if it wants a directory on my host somewhere in the piwigo installation there. If the latter, I can't find anything that looks like my directory structure.

This makes sense because I would think all that is in the MySQL database. At best, I can see jpg files in a folder public_html/_data/i/upload, but I think the database just uses pointers to those files, you'd never upload anything to there directly.

Can someone please explain what the directory parameter is looking for?

Piwigo version: 2.8.2
PHP version: 5.5.38
MySQL version: 5.6.23-cll-lve
Piwigo URL:



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