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Problems During and Following 2.8.5 Update

Happy New Year All,

Upgrading from 2.7.0 automatically failed with a server error after a period of time - it certainly wasn't the "1 minute" mentioned in the update page. But that is not a problem I need addressed today.

After (eventually - I am a slow learner...) copying the install files to the server in small batches until I had them all updated - steps 5 and 6 of the Manual Upgrade instructions - things worked after a fashion. Here are the problems I am noticing:

1. Piwigo reports that my browser is not HTML5 compatible (it is the latest Firefox) and so the upload method I prefer, and used prior to the update, is not available.

2. I get occasional messages, in admin mode, that an invalid index was detected in an include file.

3. I checked for orphan photos, and found thousands! Turns out that these are additional references to other photos, with DIFFERENT NUMERIC IDENTIFIERS. Unfortunately, when I tried to delete one of these orphans, it also deleted the photo pointed to by other orphan and non-orphan records. For the time being, I am not doing ANYTHING with the orphan photos, but I would like to know how to correct this.

4. [ADDED] (Similar to item 2 above) In admin mode: on album edit page when "Add Photos" is selected:
Warning:  filemtime(): stat failed for ./themes/default/js/plugins/piecon.js in /home/u_group/ on line 1894 
// --> piecon.js not in indicated directory (or in distribution).

<b>Warning:  file_get_contents(./themes/default/js/plugins/piecon.js): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/u_group/ on line 1990   
// --> template.class.php does exist in include directory.

I expect that my users and I may run into additional problems, and will post them as encountered.


Piwigo version: 2.8.5
PHP: 5.6.29 [updated]
MySQL: 5.6.25 [corrected]
Piwigo URL:

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