#16 2017-01-10 23:09:08

Piwigo Team

Re: Piwigo 2.8.5 Upgrade Lost HTML5 recognition in browser

Have a good day

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#17 2017-01-11 00:48:59

Cold Springs (Reno), NV, USA

Re: Piwigo 2.8.5 Upgrade Lost HTML5 recognition in browser

Thanks again! I expect that this will fix another (obvious) software incompatibiliy issue I had noted, also.

I am guessing that - because I was rather careful in the first manual update - that maybe something in one of the non-deleted directories may have caused (or contributed to) the problem. This time, I made sure to upload them all and overwrite any software files in those directories.

I have another problem to solve, but it is not as critical. I will post it in a few days in a new thread once I am able to clearly state that it is a problem (it might not be???), and what the characteristics of the problem are.

Cheers - from rainy/snowy/windy/cold Reno!



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