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EXIF orientation tag not working to rotate portrait photos


I'm setting up my first Piwigo site, loving it, and just ran into my first issue.

Using Piwigo 2.8.6, none of my iPhone 5S portrait mode pictures are displaying according to the EXIF orientation tag. I found an old issue from 2010 here:

The issue was fixed and closed, but I have just done several uploads, both directly from my computer and using the Piwigo mobile iPhone app, and it consistently doesn't work. These pictures display correctly in Adobe Bridge, but not in Windows 7 picture viewer, as expected. They have not been manually rotated or touched.

Some details:

1) Photos taken in landscape mode (phone held horizontal) are displaying with correct orientation everywhere (web browsers on the computer and iPhone, and the Piwigo Mobile app), both as thumbnails and the pictures viewed individually.

2) Portrait (phone held vertical) photos are not rotated correctly in thumbnail and individual pic view, EXCEPT the individual picture view in the Piwigo Mobile app, where they are rotated correctly on the fly when viewing. But the thumbnails are wrong in that app.

3) This happens both with pictures uploaded straight off the phone (iPhone 5S, iOS 9.3.5) and ones that were copied to my computer and then uploaded to Piwigo. These pictures have not been rotated or edited elsewhere.

4) Here is the EXIF info from one of the portrait mode photos:
Exif.Image.Orientation right, top

Pictures taken in landscape mode have this tag:
Exif.Image.Orientation top, left

5) The attached photos show things as follows:

1 - The original photo seen in Photos on the iPhone
2 - Thumbnails in the Piwigo Mobile iPhone App
3 - Thumbnails in Safari on the iPhone
4 - Thumbnails in Chrome (56.0.2924.87) on Windows 7
5 - Individual portrait mode picture in Piwigo Mobile iPhone App
6 - Individual portrait mode picture in  Safari on the iPhone
7 - Individual portrait mode picture in Chrome

In all thumbnail views, every picture except the last should be displaying portrait, and isn't.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this can be resolved, because I'm loving everything else I've seen. But this would render it useless to me. If there's any way I could be of help, I'm happy to chip in.

Thanks very much,

Piwigo version: 2.8.6
PHP version: 5.5.51-38.2 - Percona Server (GPL), Release 38.2, Revision 727
MySQL version: don't know
Piwigo URL:

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Piwigo Team
Grenoble, France

Re: EXIF orientation tag not working to rotate portrait photos

Strange... I don't encounter this issue with my 4 websites and iOS devices.
Can you share a photo with which you face a difficulty?

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