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[resolved] Random Full Size Images Broken

All of the transparent pngs in my gallery are broken, and many (but confusingly, not all) of the non-transparent pngs, as well as a few jpgs in my gallery are also broken. The thumbnails show up just fine both in the gallery and in the admin, but full sized versions don't appear in either.

A good example of a directory filled with happy thumbnails, but no full sized pngs is:

This full-sized png works:
But this one doesn't:

I have installed the photo update plugin, and simply re-uploading the pictures does not help. I have tried deleting and re-generating multiple sized images. I have installed up to date ImageMagick using Dreamhost's tutorials (though it was already running an earlier version). I have tried deactivating the plugins that were active when the problem started. (FacebookPlug, PersonalFavIcon, Smilies Support, Language Switch, Admin Tools, RV Akismet, Statistics, and Tag to Keyword) I have made sure that all applicable albums are public, and all pictures are set to viewable by everyone. I have tried switching to a different theme, but the same images were still broken, so I changed back. I have made sure to increase php filesize upload limit. Even though I only use web upload, I ran synchronize to see if the files and database had gotten out of whack - nothing.

Piwigo version: 2.8.6
PHP version: 7.0.14
MySQL version: 5.6.28
Piwigo URL:



#2 2017-02-23 12:54:53

Piwigo Team

Re: [resolved] Random Full Size Images Broken

if you check the loading info if the page or just do a View Image on a broken one you wil get … 85a8ec.png
"Source not found"
the one which works … 390-xl.png

as you cans ee you have a server redirection issue because trying to reach … 85a8ec.png will redirect you to the wrong url … 85a8ec.png
That probably due to a redirection initiated by an .htaccess file you might have set to protect your pics against hotlink

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#3 2017-02-24 08:05:33


Re: [resolved] Random Full Size Images Broken

Thank you. A .htaccess file was indeed the problem, though it seems to be one that either Piwigo or a plugin created. I removed the file, and I have yet to find a broken full-sized image link.



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