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Inhibit display of physical albums

Hi out there!

I'm trying to install a new piwigo gallery with strange physical album names.

For most galleries photos are stored in albums with structured descriptive paths like
or are structured by dates like
These paths are used and shown on several places in the program, like the breadcrumbs, newest albums and so on.

In my gallery I use obfuscated paths that are generated by an import program and they do not use any meta data of the photos. E.g. "/albums/j/g/m/zjhgbn.jpg". All files are attached to virtual albums, smart albums or can be accessed with the search function based on iptc meta data.

Now, how can I completely inhibit the visibility of any physical album? I do not need the physical album tree in the menu. Also I do not want the physical albums shown in the newest albums or in RSS feeds.

Thanx for reading, neda

Piwigo version: 2.9
PHP version: 7.1.1
MySQL version: 5.5.44-MariaDB
Piwigo URL: none yet



#2 2017-06-10 16:27:54

Piwigo Team

Re: Inhibit display of physical albums

you could use a custom plugin to set all physical album to private or locked in one click or triggered by a specific event
the query would be
UPDATE `piwigo_categories` SET `status` = 'private' WHERE `piwigo_categories`.`dir` IS NULL;

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