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Piwigo on Synology NAS : impossible connxion to MariaDB


I'd like to run Piwigo on my Synology DS 415 (up to date).
So I've installed MariaDB 10 (Synology package) and PhpMyAdmin. Everything works fine. I've tested an install of Wordpress (Synology package) and it works fine too.

The problem is with the install of piwigo. Everything goes fine until the first web connexion. I can see the instal page but it's impossible to connect to the database. I have created two account in MariaDB with all privileges but whatever the account I use I have always the same message : "Impossible to connect to the server" (in french).

I created the database in MariaDB, an admin account but the problem still the connection to the database.

Please help !

Piwigo version: 2.9.2
PHP version: 5,6
MySQL version: MariaDB 10.0.31
Piwigo URL: http://



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