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Family Tree of Albums

First off, I am very pleased with what everyone has done with Piwigo.  I'm about to spend a week's worth of Christmas vacation setting up a family media sharing website that I'll be hosting on a CentOS 7 server out of my home (Google Fiber, 1gbps upload speed).  As I don't want to waste time, I'm trying to find the best way to accomplish what I want.  I don't need detailed instructions here as of yet on how to do anything; I can follow the plethora of online tutorials and whatnot to get things set up.  Here's what I'm trying to do:

Host a private family photo website in a way that multiple users can upload photos and tag them.  Have those photos automatically sort into albums assigned individual names and dates.  So if I upload a photo tagging my uncle "John Hancock" 1776, an album will be automatically created named John Hancock with a sub-album 1776.

I also want the site to provide a family tree hierarchy for navigation.  Where I can click on my father's name and then see the names of all of his children and his parents and his wife (my mom).  So if someone clicked on me, they could see my wife, and then subsequently navigate up and down my wife's family tree.

I'm going to try to set up the site for use with a two factor authentication system as well.  There will be a password just to access the site without a username, and then a user will have to login to view essentially anything.  I want the photos that are made available to be restricted to the portions of the family tree that are relevant to the user and nothing else.

I want people to be able to download and backup everything relevant to them with a few clicks of a button.  This is one of the biggest features I believe Piwigo has that sets it miles ahead of all the other commercial image hosting sites.  It would also be nice to be able to quickly backup the Piwigo database with all the tags and everything else should my house burn down.  Is this possible?

I was once a computer science major in college (some 15 years ago) so I can work my way around writing my own plugins if I absolutely have to, but I'd prefer to do as little coding as possible.  I've alternatively considered using Mediagoblin instead of Piwigo, but Piwigo seems to be able to do what I want a bit better.  I've experience setting up wordpress sites, so maybe that would be better with a bunch of plugins?  If I'm wrong, please set me straight.

In summary, can I get Piwigo to do what I want?  Thank you for your feedback.



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