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Visibility of locked albums to admins


I would like to hide locked albums and subalbums from Admin view.

I have 20,000 photos most of which I moved from Gallery3. Newer albums are virtual albums whereas older ones were physical.

We needed to reduce the approx 100 top level albums to a more manageable number (10-12). I did this by running the physical to virtual plugin- which locks the physical albums. Things look okay when not logged in as Admin.

But now, when logged in as Admin, all of these physical AND virtual albums and indeed (for some strange reason) about 2000 individual photos are visible and it is a nightmare trying to organise albums and sub-albums.

If I could turn off visibility of the physical albums to Admins, that would solve the problem but I cannot see how to do that. Any suggestions?

Piwigo version: latest
PHP version: 7
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL:



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