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Cold Springs (Reno), NV, USA

Database Repair

Howdy, y'all (that's how we really talk out here in the west),

My Piwigo installation has a nasty little behavior that is somewhat destructive, and I don't know enough about how the database tables relate to each other to figure it out by myself. Here is what the problem is:

Sometimes the same photo is displayed in two (or more) places, without any of our team members adding a "Linked Album". Further, when I look on the edit page for such a photo, I only see ONE (1) linked album. So, when I go to delete the photo from one of the albums where it is displayed, it is unexpectedly deleted from the other place(s) it is displayed. Even worse, Piwigo knows there is supposed to be something displayed in those other places, but it can't find the photo so it just displays the title and description, but no photo.

I am not new to databases, but I am not an expert in how THIS database is designed, and as plg says, the important thing is really how the relations between tables are designed and implemented.

By searching the forum I have learned that there is not a "Database Design Document" or whatever the Piwigo equivalent would be, but is there perhaps a standard for indicating - by field naming, for instance - the designed relationships? I really need to find an explicit way to repair this, rather than the implicit (and often surprising) way I have been slogging thru it. And our Piwigo contains over 138,000 photos in over 2,845 sub albums, so it could be a BIG problem.

Any hints or help will be greatly appreciated.

Piwigo 2.9.4
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 7.2.7 (Show info) [2018-07-19 15:20:02]
MySQL: 5.6.34-log [2018-07-19 15:20:02]
Graphics Library: External ImageMagick 6.7.7-10



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Re: Database Repair

Both Piwigo and my hosting setup have routines for checking and repairing databases. It might be a good place to start. Also wouldn't hurt to backup beforehand.

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