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#1 2019-08-06 07:47:12


MugShot icon not appearing on any photo pages

Trying to get Mug Shot working in a test gallery. The plugin seems to be installed and activated. I've tried various themes, but in particular the Clear theme, which Mug Shot says is supported.  But, on the pages for photos, no icon to do face tagging appears. 

So, what other things have to be true?  I'm logged in to my piwigo gallery.  The rest of the gallery seems to be working, I can view photos, do searches, albums, all that.  Does Mug Shot default to only allowing tagging to some particular user group, maybe?  I can't find anywhere to configure anything about Mug Shot.

    Piwigo 2.9.5
    Operating system: Linux
    PHP: 7.0.33 (Show info) [2019-08-05 22:44:44]
    MySQL: 5.7.25-log [2019-08-05 22:44:44]
    Graphics Library: ImageMagick 6.9.7-4


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  •  » MugShot icon not appearing on any photo pages

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