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#1 2019-09-04 19:58:36


Bootstrap and jumbotron - full width display


Congratulations to the development team and to all of you, contributors and users. I saw beautiful galleries.

1 / How to do banner 'jumbotron' in full width display with responsive as the example here :

2/ How to do title of the gallery in each language to make the pages added in multilingual?

3/ In albums, how to put heading 'title', one per language, and same thing for the 'description'? Objective, one title and one description per language.

4/ I have created a 'Credits' page to mention copyright, how to transfer 'powered by Piwigo' and content of 'About' in this page? Also, how to reconfigure 'about' to include my own presentation?

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Version de Piwigo: 2.9 / Bootstrap darkroom / Bootswatch simplex
Version de PHP:
Version de MySQL:
URL Piwigo:


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