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In the past I have used the Lightroom/Piwigo-PlugIn by Vladimir Vinogradsky. Unfortunately the tool is no longer available.

In the future I would like to transfer my photos via FTP.

Now I have the following directory tree in Piwigo (created by the Lightroom/Piwigo-PlugIn) [This is just an example.]

  |-- img0001.jpg
  |-- img0002.jpg

  |-- img0021.jpg
  |-- img0042.jpg
Now, I create a directory on my computer, like this:

  |-- img0003.jpg
  |-- img0004.jpg
With a FTP client I copy the "privat"-directory in the "galleries" directory of my Piwigo installation.

But now I've got two (2) directories with the same name.

  |-- img0001.jpg
  |-- img0002.jpg

  |-- img0003.jpg
  |-- img0004.jpg
I would like to store all photos in ONE "privat"-directory only.

How can I solve the problem?



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Only trying to help

Re: FTP-Transfer

John.B wrote:

But now I've got two (2) directories with the same name.

I doubt that, because it is not possible to have two physical (as file folders) directories with the same name at the same location. What you probably have is a (logical) virtual 'privat' album folder created by your previous upload method (which I don't know and have never used), and now a second physical 'privat' directory folder created by FTP upload in the galleries/ folder.

It may be that syncing the physical 'privat' directory already would sort its images into the virtual 'privat' album iff things are setup that way, but without knowing your actual structures that's just one possibility and a guess in the wild. If instead the first 'privat' folder was created elsewhere as a physical directory somewhere under galleries/.../ you'd probably want to move its images to the new to-be FTP location first. To not lose metadata in the database you'd want to use [extension by windracer] Physical Photo Move for that.

Again, I don't know, these are just guesses, and there may be other possibilities, e.g. syncing the physical directory would not be enough but virtualizing it to the existing album would be required. Or rather setup of an entirely new 'privat' album folder which automatically gets synced from the physical FTP directory but would require "moving" the existing images from the old virtual 'privat' album.

Anyways, backup your folders and database first before playing and trying.

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