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South-West Germany

Thank You Piwigo!

Hello/Hi/Greetings to you, Piwigo Team,

its time to say Thank You to you in France.
Piwigo is a very fine developed Galerie Software. It comes with a modern and very nice design and their inner structures are ready for future needs.
Fast and user friendly and with many plugins there are no wishes open for a user like me.
I came from the menalto corner from the beginning of this millenium. Then the things changed and it became abandoned.
Only a short time was needed to find a more future orientated Gallery Software: Piwigo!

I am very thankfull to stay here with Piwigo and you, dear developers.
And your strong and personal efforts with the new 2.10 version, your cross checking of the plugins compatibilty and the very new design of the website is -incomparable and unique- and: its FREE Software; Unbelievable!

Also to mention are the sharp eyes of the Piwigo community and members here, which are friendly, helpfull and skilled! So its not only for educational purpose to read in the forum, but also for a good feeling of common sense.

So, in this sense I am very happy to continue my voyage with Piwigo!

Entier meilleures salutations!


Piwigo version: 2.10.1
PHP version: 7.3.11
MySQL version: 5.6.45-86.1



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