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Picasa2piwigo : access denied to piwigo server


I am using picasa2piwigo for 3 years and it worked quite fine until this month. It was my first try since piwigo version was uploaded so I suppose there is a relation between the new piwigo version and my problem.

When I tried to upload my album, it said "Error : unable to retrieve albums Piwigo Server."
I checked the configuration : of course nothing has changed in all connection stuff : adress, login, password.
I tried to change http to https : the error message was different but the result was still the same :"An error occured. La connexions sous-jacente a été fermée : une erreur inattendue s'est produite lors de l'envoi". which can be translated in : The connection has been closed : an unexpected error occured while sending".

I then discovered another extension, picture2piwigo, which I tried too, and the connection worked ! But this plugin doesn't have some very useful functions of picasa2piwigo (particularly transmission of commentary tag).

Any help woud be deeply appreciated !


Piwigo version: last one I imagine (can't find it on the commercial version of Piwigo interface)
PHP version:
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL:


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