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#16 2019-09-19 11:26:54


Re: Lightroom star rating import

I translated the whole thread quoting everyone on the french forum:

I can keep translating between both english and french threads to help the issue

Thank You

No coding skills but willing to help and test!



#17 2020-02-05 04:29:55


Re: Lightroom star rating import

Hi All,

New to piwigo and just setting it up. I've taken a different route to get lightroom star ratings into Piwigo by using Jeffrey Friedl's excellent metadata wrangler export plugin: … -wrangler.

It essentially free (small paypal donation of your choosing after the trial period). I'm not affiliated, just a user.

Once installed and activated in the export dialog under the "Special Keyword Processing" section you can add something like:  {CameraName},{Lens},{Rating=*}

This will add the CameraName, Lens and star rating as IPTC keywords, which will then get sucked into Piwigo. Whats more, you can use this with AlloyPhoto's plugin as well, so published photo's via that plugin directly into piwigo will get these keywords as well. the star rating keywords will be the number of asterix's as in lightroom, but you can just use {Rating} to get the numerical representation. There are heaps of other Tokens his plugins provide for doing some clever stuff.

Jeffrey has some other great plugins too - I'm using the people one to add people's names and ages at the time of the photo to the caption. Great for looking at the kids photo's from years ago.

Anyway, hope the above is helpful as I hadn't seen this approach mentioned yet. I'm finding the combination of Jeffrey's tools and Alloyphoto to be very powerful with Piwigo. I'm just trying to decide on whether to sync star ratings/keywords between lightroom/piwigo or have LR as the source of truth for everything (I can't seem to work out how to sync star ratings from LR to piwigo using alloyphoto's plugin yet, but it might be possible).

Thanks to everyone who created/contributes to piwigo - great software.


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