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[resolved] Can't get EXIF/IPTC-Metadata into Piwigo

Hi all,

I have problems to get EXIF/IPTC-Metadata into Piwigo

I use Digikam to organize my pictures locally.
I added
- title,
- description,
- keywords/tags/labels,
- face-tags
- author
to my pictures and uploaded it to the piwogo server.
Next I used the synchronize function to make the folder and pictures 'accessible' in piwigo.

The folder and picures become accessible.
Some of the metadata is shown, if I open a single picture and click on the button 'Show Metadata'.
- EXIF: Image Description
- IPTC_KEYWORDS: (as comma separated string)

But in Menu/Keywords I have still 0 keywords accessible.
If I try to search text from the title/description I get no results.

If I use 'exiftool -php', it shows all the data I'm looking for (Some information are saved redundant by digikam in several tags)
The complete tag list containing the 'missing' information is:
- ImageDescription
- UserComment
- Caption
- Author
- Notes
- Categories (contains sth like xml)
- Rating
- RatingPercent
- LastKeywordXMP
- Subject
- Title
- Description
- TagsList
- CaptionsAuthorNames
- HierarchicalSubject
- CatalogSets
- ObjectName
- Caption-Abstract
- Keywords
- Comment
- RegionRectangle + RegionPersonDisplayName

I try a little bit to play with www/gallery/local/config/ bit without any success:
$conf['show_exif_fields'] = array(

How can a enforce piwigo to use all/more tags to be displayed and use them as keywords, rating, search.

Piwigo version: 2.10.2
PHP version: 7.3.16
MySQL version: MariaDB 10.5



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Only trying to help

Re: [resolved] Can't get EXIF/IPTC-Metadata into Piwigo

Make sure that while uploading/syncing you have $conf['use_exif'] = true; and $conf['use_iptc'] = true; set in your config. As Digikam stores title (Object Name) and caption (Caption-Abstract) and tags (Keywords) in IPTC tags you have to tell Piwigo to use them, and have a proper $conf['use_iptc_mapping'] active. See metadata documentation.

Also make sure that in Digikam the metadata is actually written to image files, not just stored in its database. As that can significantly slow down mass operations in Digikam it pays to do so only on images just before they are to be exported to Piwigo, not as a generally active setting. YMMV.

Maybe you even want to extract keywords from XMP <dc:Subject> if stored there, if so see [Forum, topic 25709] Plugin to import XMP tags as Piwigo keywords

While displaying images you may also want to activate some IPTC fields with $conf['show_iptc_mapping'], see [Forum, post 166781 by ddtddt in topic 27721] Read and set tags from IPTC metadata

Running Piwigo at



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Re: [resolved] Can't get EXIF/IPTC-Metadata into Piwigo

Hi erAck. Thanks for your reply!

cat www/gallery/local/config/ | grep -e \'use_exif\' -e \'use_iptc\'
$conf['use_iptc'] = false;
$conf['use_exif'] = true;

I checked/configured "show_iptc = true" and not "use_iptc = true" . After changing "use_iptc" to "true" and do a re-synchronization, everything works!




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