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Integration in my own CMS


What is the possibility of user transfer from my own CMS or portal (database) at Piwigo?

I had been able to integrate Menalto Galleries 2 and 3 very well and would like to do this with Piwigo too, but I am not able to find out about the documentation or find anything about it.

Unfortunately, I have not found a corresponding extension.
It would be best if you could write directly into the piwigo_users and piwigo_user_groups. However, it is not clear to me how exactly the password is encrypted. MD5 is obviously not. Can i switch the encryption in piwigo to md5?

Can someone help me please?

Piwigo version: piwigo-2.10.2
PHP version: 7.2.31
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL: not yet public because private albums are free

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