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Setting Permissions for User/Group - Cannot see any way to customize

I would like to switch photo gallery to Piwigo but having a lot of trouble trying to set any permissions. I intend to have several general user acounts (can be in a group). They share fixed login accounts to upload photos to this years album (only).

I would like users to be allowed to upload to a specific album but not be set as "Admin'.
When I set an album private it seems that I have very limited choices to set user access - webmaster, admin, user, generic (not sure what this does), guest.
When I go to permissions there is nothing but an album name. I cannot do anything with Authorized/Forbidden - nothing to click and blank boxes.

If I set as Admin they have to go into an admin area to upload - no upload icon or option from the front of the album. I think this approach is too complicated for average users.

Is this the only way the permission system works? Or am I missing something.

I could not see version info in piwigo easily... could not find in admin menus
Piwigo version: 2.10.2
PHP version: 7.3
MySQL version: MySQL(i) 5.6.41-84.1



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Only trying to help

Re: Setting Permissions for User/Group - Cannot see any way to customize

Running Piwigo at



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