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#1 2020-09-15 00:25:33


Anyone with experience migrating from

I am looking to hire a person with experience migrating to Piwigo on a AWS server.

Please contact me





#2 2020-09-16 11:29:49

Only trying to help

Re: Anyone with experience migrating from

Years ago I migrated from Gallery3 (and a little later another Gallery2) with the help of [extension by plg] Menalto2Piwigo and I don't remember any grave issue.

If you have album/directory or image names containing spaces you should rename them first to use underscore instead, e.g. with the command line of [Forum, post 175837 by damon18 in topic 29980] Another Gallery Successfully moved from Menalto to Piwigo

If your album or image names contain non-ASCII or non-alnum characters you want to modify the default

$conf['sync_chars_regex'] = '/^[a-zA-Z0-9-_.]+$/';

adding it to local/config/ i.e. with the help of [extension by Piwigo Team] LocalFiles Editor. It may also work to add a space there instead of renaming all dirs/files if you don't have shell access.

Read How To Add Pictures ... by FTP because that (adding directories and files to the galleries/ folder and then doing the sync) is basically what happens in the conversion.

If you encounter problems search the forum for Menalto2Piwigo, others may have stumbled upon something similar, but ignore every thread before 2015.

Whatever you do, do backups first.. so you can restart from scratch.

Running Piwigo at


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