#1 2020-10-25 02:41:52


What you wish you had known?


I just installed Piwigo yesterday and I'm enjoying playing around with it.

My question: What do you wish you had known about managing a gallery when you just started out that you know now after having experience using it.

For example, in Wordpress, I wish I had known about permalinks when I started my blog so I didn't have to go back and change the format from date based urls to page title urls. Also, I wish I knew about organizing the upload folder in some way other than year-month-day folders.

Also things like essential plugins. For example I realized that the Community plugin has functionality I assumed was part of core.

FWIW, I plan to use Piwigo as a media repository for our nonprofit's production work, so it will be a closed group of people who are all able to upload and manage the tagging of photos.



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